1. Find your bank file

You should find the bank file on Windows:
My Documents / Starcraft II / Accounts / xxxxx / Your Account ID / Banks / 2-S2-1-241693 / Banks.SC2Bank
Or on a Mac:
~/Library/Application Support/Blizzard/StarCraft II/Accounts/xxxx/Your Account ID/Banks/2-S2-1-241693/Banks.SC2Bank

2. Copy contents into the text area on the left

Once you have found your bank file, open it in notepad. Copypaste the contents to the edit area on the left, or just use the default bank file provided to get level 187 and 99 nights.

3. Enter Account ID

You also need to input your account ID into the box on the top left. You can find your Account ID from the path where the bank file is found, see above. It will be something like 2-S2-1-XXXXX (not the 241693 one)

4. Verify Bank (unless using default template)

If you copied your original bank contents, you can verify that you have entered the information correct by pressing "Verify Signature" before editing anything. It should tell signature is OK if the given account ID matches the bank file signature.

5. Edit bank, recalculate signature, save

Change the numbers. The number after MNHD is for max nights on Very Hard.

After you are done editing, press "Recalculate Signature" to rewrite the contents of the text area into valid bank file format with a correct signature. You can then copypaste the contents bank into the bank file.

REMEMBER TO BACKUP YOUR ORIGINAL BANK FILE! In case something goes wrong, you can always put your original bank file in place to return your stats to what they were. Also, please do testing in a private game instead of bothering people in public games.

Why was this tool created?

Short answer

I believe everyone should be able to get same in-game benefits for the same amount of in-game effort. Selling in-game stats for real money breaks this ideal, so I'm fixing it.

Long answer

In MineralZ Evolution, unlocking the 90 nights archon requires surviving a game that lasts over 5 hours. Additionally, the game design is absolutely brutal towards low level players making many of the high level strategies extremely difficult or just plain impossible.

Many high level players quit the game immediately if there is someone with low stats playing, because no matter how good the player is they just can't reach the required performance without the stats.

Additionally, the author of the map has started selling the stats for real money, even though nothing guarantees the stats stay if the user bankfile resets. Update September 2012: It seems the author has removed the sale advertisement from his forums. There is no announcement about it, however, so it's uncertain if he'll start doing so again in the future. He has once before already removed the sale ad only to restore it later.

Ultimately, I wish that maps would treat all players equally, regardless of who they are or how much time they've invested into playing the map. The gameplay should be about skills and experience of the player, not the number of statpoints accumulated in some imaginary counter over hundreds of hours of pure grinding